Learn 4 Life Driving School - Testimonials

January 2011

I think the biggest compliment I can pay Geoff is that I had always intended to sit my test in my native Cork but because I wanted Geoff to help me with a pre-test and provide lessons on the big day I decided to sit it in Dublin where I passed first time.

Geoffs ability to provide a relaxed and comfortable experience during the nervousness of learning how to drive was what I found most impressive.

I have already and will continue to strongly recommend Geoff as an instructor to anyone who asks. He is at the very top of his profession.

Thanks again for all your help.

Paul (Dublin)

January 2011

Geoff is a driving instructor who instills confidence in his students. He is very clam and reassuring in the car and has great patience.

I have just recently passed my Driving test on my first go and feel that the pre tests I took with Geoff before the day were vital in my success.

I would recommend Geoff to anybody looking to learn how to drive in a safe, friendly and helpful environment.

Trish (Bray)

November 2008

Jeff truely has a unique gift of teaching. His ability to make one feel calm, safe and secure only leaves you feeling confident and looking forward to your next lesson even if you ever dreaded driving like most people do. He has a presence that makes one feel at ease, no matter how nervous you are.

His caring attitude as a driving instructor is a rare one which singles him out to be one of the best instructors i've ever come across in my life. Jeff, an instructor with a difference, every learners dream teacher.

Prishela Row, Castle street (Dalkey)

August 2008

I'm writing to say that I passed my test on the first time around and that it is all down to Geoff. I began driving about 9 months ago and got lessons from him from the start. I was so nervous on the road but he really helped me feel in control and gave me the confidence I needed. I dreaded reversing around corners but after a lesson with him on that, I nailed it and it was down to his tips!

He is a very committed teacher and reliable and really takes it personally that you do well. I had a strep throat and was on Antibiotics 2 days before my test so was thinking of having to cancel. However Geoff met me the morning of my test, I was so nervous and all over the place. He brought me to all the places he thought the tester would bring me later on and by the end of the lesson I was so relaxed and had my confidence back up. By the time I was sitting with the examiner I was so calm and didn't make any blunders, which was down to Geoff's calming influences.

I have recommended him to my friends as I know they will do well with him also.

Thanks a mil Geoff for all your help.


August 2008

Geoff was originally recommended to me by my neighbour - he turned out to be an excellent choice of instructor. Geoff is very patient and encouraging in his approach, and at the same time very knowledgeable about all aspects of motoring and a good communicator. He knows exactly where to put the right emphasis to develop careful, confident driving and perfect all the necessary skills to pass the test. He also went out of his way to give me advice on the important technical aspects of the car and rules-of-the-road which are also required by the examiners.

I did the test in terrible weather conditions but even this did not prevent me passing . Geoff's tuition really made the difference. I would definitely recommend him as an instructor.

Brendan (Dalkey)

April 2008

I passed my test on my third attempt and can safely say that it is down to the expert instruction that I received from Geoff. As well as having a thorough knowledge of the test route and format, Geoff is full of handy hints for coping with all of the tricky parts of the test. After 4 lessons with Geoff, I felt very prepared ,well informed and most importantly, at ease with the car and my driving ability.

Thanks a million Geoff!


February 2008

I did my test twice, once in Rathgar, the second time in Churchtown and failed both times, so decided to a third one. I looked on the internet for a driving instructor for a pre-test and found Geoff Barry - what a godsend! Nerves hit me like no tomorrow when Geoff arrived, I felt like I was doing my test but Geoff made me feel relaxed - his motto "Observation and Communication". On the day of my test, 14th February 2008, that's all I kept saying to myself and also thinking that it was Geoff beside me, and I think only for him I would not have passed my test

Thanks a mill, Geoff, I would highly recommend you.

Sandra (Loughlinstown)

January 2008

Geoff Barry was recommended to me by my friend who had taken her pre-test lessons with him and passed with flying colors.

I was called to do my test in an area that was not familiar to me which only added to my nerves.

Well all that changed when I met Geoff, I felt silly on my first lesson my hands were shaking and I even cut out, but Geoff just laughs and chats away telling you "not to worry we'll get there" and indeed we did.

I fully believe had I taken my original driving lessons when I was first learning to drive, with Geoff I would have been a better and safer driver sooner.

Geoff knows everything about the road and would always remind me that "driving is a life skill you never stop learning" and I learned a lot from Geoff. He has great patience and he will constantly build up your confidence.

I passed my test first time, It was a windy, rainy day but I was prepared for it all thanks to Geoff, I reversed around that corner like a pro there wasn't a blind spot that wasn't checked and I did it all without any butterflies in my stomach all because of Geoff.

I couldn't wait to call him after and tell him the good news, he treats you as if your one of his own and truly wants you to pass that test!

I recommend Geoff to anyone who wants to learn to be a safe, confident driver.

Thanks again Geoff you're a star!!

Clare (Rathfarnham)

December 2007

Thank you so much for your fantastic driving lessons, you have given me a skill for life and I will be forever grateful. The lessons were always fun and enjoyable, yet I learned an awful lot in such a short space of time.

Cara (Dalkey)

November 2007

A huge thank you for all your help and encouragement with the driving. You have a wonderful way of teaching and I am all for quiet handbrakes and no crossing over of hands on the steering wheel now! Thanks again.

Kate (Killiney)

November 2007

Geoff Barry is an incredible instructor. I would recommend him to anyone. Geoff makes driving lessons fun! He's very thorough and professional, with a practical approach and he goes out of his way to make this difficult and very stressful time as easy as possible for you. He has great tips and advice and his down-to-earth approach really puts you at ease. It's obvious with Geoff that he cares about your level of driving ability, that he wants you to be a great driver and he puts everything into ensuring that you do well.

He really helped me to eliminate my bad habits, he completely relaxed me and turned my negative approach into a positive one, he simply refused to let me be negative about the test or about driving at all!

I passed my driving test first time round and I couldn't have done it without Geoff's help. If you're looking for an instructor, use Geoff. You definitely won't regret it!

Sarah-Louise (Killiney)

Thank you so much for all your help and tips, I really appreciate it. Thanks for knowing I could pass the test.

Karen (Kilmacud)

Well what can I say, I found Geoff to be an amazing driving instructer, and without him I honestly dont think I would have passed my test in fact without him I dont think I would have made it to my test but we'll leave that story for another day. Geoff takes his roll as a driving instructer very seriously and he genuinuley cares about how all his students perform in their tests which was very comforting as it can be a very stressfull time preparing for your driving test. I turned into a nervous wreck panicking over stupid irrevelant things but Geoff continously put me at ease and he automatically turned every negative into a positive, 'there is no such thing as i can't', he would say as i reversed around the corner for the 10th time in a frustrated manner.I found him very easy to understand and he's the type of person who gives great advise so I d advise whoever is reading this to take Geoff's advice on board and you will have no problems passing your driving test.

Noelle (Tallaght)