Learn 4 Life Driving School - Getting Started

Before applying for your first learner permit, you must have passed the DTT Theory Test. You must be aged 17 years or over to be eligible to take the test.

Instruction books and DVDs for the Theory Test, and the revised ?Rules of the Road? are available from all good book shops, and it is recommended that you spend as much time as possible on this very important aspect of beginning your driving experience. Why not get together with some friends who may also wish to take the Theory Test, and organise a group tutorial session or sessions with Learn 4 Life Driving School?

Once you have passed the Theory Test, the learner permit application form must be obtained from your local Garda Station or online from the The Department of Transport Website. You will also require two signed passport-size photographs of yourself to include with your application, and you will also be required to have your eyes tested by a qualified optician. The completed application and relevant enclosures should be sent to your Local Authority/County Council, who will send you the learner permit within four weeks.

You cannot take driving lessons until you have received the learner permit.

The driving instructor will note the learner permit number for his/her records.

It is recommended that at least ten lessons be booked and taken initially, given the extensive range of skills and information to be learned.

As the first learner permit lasts for two years, it is not necessary to apply for the Driving Test too soon. The instructor will be able to advise you in this regard.

After the first ten lessons, you may wish to continue taking lessons or to practise in a car available to you, provided that you are adequately and fully insured.

On a learner permit, it is required by law that you may only drive a car when accompanied by a fully qualified driver of 2 or more years experience, with compliant ?L? plates displayed on front and rear windscreens of the car.

Never be tempted to drive the car without ?L? plates, in the company of unqualified drivers, or alone. ?L? plates alert other drivers to make allowances for you on the road. It is now against the law to do this.

It is against the ?Rules of the Road? for a learner permit holder to drive on motorways. Motorway driving demands a high level of skill, awareness, concentration, observation and experience, and should not be attempted until the required level of skill has been attained.